Covid-19 Support for Business

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COVID-19 Queensland Land Tax Relief

The Queensland government recently released its land tax relief package. The package is designed to assist landlords with tenants whose ability to pay rent has been affected by COVID-19. 

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COVID-19 JobKeeper Payment Update 2

The final rules for the JobKeeper payment scheme were released over the Easter weekend. As many of you would be aware, the JobKeeper payment is a payment directly from the Government to eligible employers of $1,500 per fortnight, for each eligible employee. The payments apply from 30 March 2020 and will be payable up to 27 September 2020 (a period of 26 weeks).

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COVID-19 Queensland Payroll Tax Relief

The Queensland Government announced its stimulus package to support health, jobs, households and Queensland businesses affected by coronavirus. The package includes:

  • refunds of two months' payroll tax payments
  • payroll tax 'holiday' for three months – i.e. employers won't have to pay payroll tax for three months
  • deferral of payroll tax for the 2020 calendar year, until 14 January 2021.

This is different from the initial announcement, which included a deferral of payroll tax.

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COVID-19 Superannuation Support Measures

Laws have now been passed to implement two key superannuation measures previously announced by the Government to help Australians through the COVID-19 crisis.

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COVID-19 ATO Assistance

The ATO has set out ways it can help taxpayers deal with COVID-19. This is not to be confused with the Federal Government's Economic Response to Coronavirus. Taxpayers will have to apply to the ATO for relief.

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The Australian Government have announced a further economic stimulus package to support the economy, small business and households in dealing with the economic impact of Coronavirus.  

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